How to speed up your site & conversions

Having a fast web site is a dream, and is very essential for good user experience and also is a  major factors of SEO and Google ranking. A website that does not Slows Down while opening  is much more friendly at first site for the visitor and works until  conversion takes place. For instance  Amazon as all of us know is  one of the biggest on-line stores in the world, did a tests and came to the conclusion which was that a single second delay on page load cost a loss of $ 1.6 billion which lead to  drop in conversion rate .

It is important to keep an eye on this . If your site takes a lot of time  to load, or is difficult  to open quickly you may be missing good visits and  conversions.

How to Speed up your website


Reasons your Web Site is Slow

1 – Your Hosting Server

This is the very fundamental basis of your site. So therefor it is to be dealt with sooner of later. Therefor we need to learn something about servers.

When to Use Shared Servers ?

Shared Servers are  for small sites such as creating portfolios, blog etc … which have low number of hits. The advantage is the investment value is low. However, this kind of provider has a limit on memory you can used, a specific disk space is allotted and processing speed is also limited, which may compromise its opening time if an unexpected surge of hits.

When to Use Dedicated server ?

Dedicated Server is for the sites with a high number of hits which are concurrent  in nature. The website with its own machine will have all the server resources for itself and will perform well. But cost is a bit higher as compared to Shared server, but its website opening speed is much higher than Shared Server.

2 – Technology on your website

Choose a platform for your website wisely . This is a point where you must take a bit time to think and do some research on what technology is good for your kind of website ? which technology is being used the most? , what are the features of that technology ? , Are those features needed by your website or not ?, Will it work for long run or not ?


Some platforms put up more effort on visual and functional aspect time taken to open the site. This is a simple analysis done on some of the E-Commerce Platforms .

  1.  Shopify takes about  0.89 Seconds to load
  2.  Magento takes about 1.29 Seconds to load
  3.  Big Commerce takes about 1.52 Seconds to load

On-line Website Creation

There are many tools which are used to create website on-line without any Coding Skills. These are also having low costs but the downside is that they my not have a ample amount of facilities which you want to add to your website  These are tools to use with the performance time.

  1. Web takes about 0.82 Seconds to load
  2. GoDaddy! takes about 1.44 Seconds to load
  3. Wix takes about 2.44 Seconds to load

Content Management Systems

Websites created with CMS aka (Content Management Systems) can be completely astonishing because you have all the access to the source code and a  tools and plugins . Here is some analysis on CMS:

  1.  WordPress takes about 1.11 Seconds to load
  2.  Joomla takes about 1.14 Seconds to load
  3.  Drupal takes about 1.14 Seconds to load

3 – Content of your Website

If you manager your content wisely then a huge difference can be made in the areas of the speed of the website

How to Use Pictures or Images  on your website

Images can be a major problem to your sites performance . If you have high-resolution images being used reduce their dpis ( Web Format ) this will reduce the size of image without hampering the quality of the image.

Show less number of posts per page

Do not show all the posts of your website at once . Add a limit to them and a pagination functionality at the end . The limit of your post per page should be 6 to 8 posts .

4 – Usage of Plugins in the website

Plugins can also improve the speed of your website . For example  W3 Total Cache . It increases your server performance and reduces the download time , but using these kind of plugins in a wrong way me lead to some problems .
Plugins can also reduce the speed of the website . More the plugins more loading and which leads to slow down your website, therefor remove all the unwanted plugins from your website .




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